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Our Team

Our Founders

Shri. S. Lall Gupta

and a National Award nominee; He possessed a unique blend of passion, determination, and innovation, which fuelled our journey from conception to reality.His unwavering commitment to a compelling idea or cause inspired us to join in, transforming a mere concept into a thriving entity He faced countless challenges, yet his resilience and ability to adapt were his hallmarks. He charted a course, assembled a team, secured resources, and navigated the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship. It was his legacy that left a lasting impact and shaped our culture, values, and future direction.

Mrs. Santosh Gupta

for the success of Speedways. Together she brought diverse skills and perspectives to the table, fostering collaboration and innovation. She jointly steered the course, collectively shaping our journey and impact in the industry.

Senior Management

Mukesh Gupta

 His financial expertise helps make informed investment decisions, and manage risks effectively. He provides valuable insights into fiscal trends and industry dynamics,assisting Speedways in formulating sound strategies. Through his banking experience, he provides critical funding solutions for expansion, innovation, and operational improvements. His guidance and financial acumen are essential assets that contribute significantly to the growth, stability, and long-term prosperity of Speedways.

Rajesh Gupta

He possesses a thirst for learning, adaptability, and a willingness to take calculated risks. With fresh ideas and a fearless approach, he is contributing hard to the economic growth and progress of Speedways. He oversees daily operations as well as event management for Speedways with vision, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit and he is instrumental in shaping the Speedways’s direction and impact on the market.

Anish Gupta

with the founder and made a significant contribution to the progress of business. His fresh perspective & marketing skills often led to innovative solutions, while his enthusiasm continuously energized Speedways team. Adapting swiftly to changing trends and embracing the newest technology, he is regularly bringing in new ideas to the forefront. His ability to take calculated risks and learning from little hiccups is always propelling business. He is infusing vitality, creativity, and a forward-thinking spirit, fostering growth, and helping Speedways stay competitive in evolving markets.